Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I get it from my Mama...

No doubt you've heard it before, perhaps out of your own mouth. You know, you say something to your kids, such as "Because I said so..." or, "If you don't stop that I will turn this car around." As soon as the words fly out of your mouth you think, "My gosh, I have turned into my mother."

I see it everyday I look at myself on TV, I look just like my Mom. Which isn't a bad thing.

Eventually, we all turn into our parents...and well, our parents turn into their parents. Case in, Mom and Kipper were having lunch one Saturday.

There was also a group of Army soldiers dining at the same establishment. Mom tells Kipper to say "Hooah," to them, it's an Army chant.

So, four or five of the soldiers walk by our table and Kipper yells, "Boo!"

Mom and I laugh, but the soldiers didn't hear him, or maybe it was because they're not used to having a three year old yell, "Boo."

So, Mom gets up from the table - and minutes later a female Sgt. with the Army walks up to our table and asks Kipper, "Do you have an uncle in the Army?"

I'm thinking to, Kipper's reputation proceeds him...or Jared's. (That's my brother)

Kipper tells the Sgt. "Yes."

The Sgt. tells me, "Your Mom saw us in the bathroom and told us about him."

That is so something my grandmother would do! Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger...shoot, I'm guilty of it myself, and every time I just laugh.

When Mom gets back to the table, I call her "Edell." That's my grandmother's name.

Something I got from my grandmother, my love for books. She loves to read and so do I. My dream in life is to write a book. The other night I was reading in bed, and Noah asks, "Can I write a book?"

My answer, "Of course you can." The whole while thinking, he'll probably write a book before I do.

So just maybe that is something Noah will get from me, he'll grow up to be a paperback writer.

Speaking of  a paperback writer...Noah loves the Beetles, his favorite is "Back in the USSR." Guess, he gets his love of music from Brent.

Kipper, not sure what he gets from us. He looks like Brent and sleeps with a blanket like me.

Oh, he never did get saying, "hooah", to the soldiers. When they left the restaurant he once again yelled, "Boo!"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God

There is nothing I love more than hearing my boys say their prayers at night.

I have even recorded it on my cell phone so I can listen to their sweet voices when my day goes sour.

Noah is my more inquisitive child, he says his prayers, then ask me all kinds of questions.

Sometimes he can throw some real fast balls at me. I try my best to answer them; all the while wondering...what types of questions will he fire off at me when he's older.  I mean he is only five.

Usually with Kipper, his prayers are short and sweet, no hardball inquires.

Last night, Kipper is in our bed and we are going to say our prayers.

My first cue this wasn't going to be a normal prayer came when he asked, "Can I say what I want?"

My reply, "Of course Kipper."

The whole while I'm thinking...this is going to be good.

Here goes his prayer...

"Please God help Noah to get on green and follow directions. Please help Mom to be safe, and to let me do what I want to do. Please be with Dad, and help him not to spank me."

So, Brent obviously a little hurt by the prayer says..."Buddy, you know why I spank you right?"

Kipper, lying on his back with his legs crossed at the ankle, takes his thumb out of his mouth and says, "Yes, when I be bad."

Maybe tonight Kipper should ask God, "Please help Dad to let me do what I want." 

Oh, for the record...Brent hardly ever spanks Kipper, and Noah has had two straight days on green.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Fun

Not sure where to start on this one. I had a great weekend. Kipper only called me "fat" once and Noah was a pretty good listener.

Noah had a soccer game Saturday. He played like a champ. I'm telling you, he has got natural talent! He dribbled the ball right through four players...players who are in the 2nd and 3rd grade...Noah is in kindergarten.

Not sure how Brent makes it through a game, pacing the sideline, spitting sunflower seeds, and screaming for Noah. Secretly, Brent and I are hoping Noah is our ticket to the good life.

Kipper, watched the game wearing his usual "Urban Cowboy meets the Bad News Bears" outfit. That means baseball pants, baseball shirt and cowboy boots.

Sunday, Brent's Mom treated me and the boys to "Sesame Street Live." Noah and Kipper were very excited to see Elmo. We also found Kipper's Halloween costume, Oscar the Grouch.
Appropriate, don'tcha think?

Noah was a little worried we were going to sit in the nose bleed section...he's got a fear of heights.
Even though Kipper enjoyed the show, after every song he asked, "Is it over?"

The theme of the show was "Imagination"…and I couldn’t imagine being any other place on a Sunday afternoon than with my family.

MiMi (Brent's Mom) bought the boys a souvenir Bert and Ernie. Noah chose Bert and Kipper chose Ernie.
Kipper said, "They're best buds like me and Noah."

We also watched the movie, "Haunted Mansion," to show Noah the ride at Disney World isn't so bad. We're hoping to make another trip next year.

Last year, we stood in line and got all the way to the front of the ride, when Noah decided “it’s too scary.”
So, what I learned from soccer, family.  

It's a time to cheer on your all-star, and celebrate the fact that your baby boy is excited about wearing a trash can.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some things never change...

Tuesday morning I was sent to cover a massive fire on Dauphin Island. When I got there it struck me as ironic that four, million dollar homes burned to the ground...nothing left but smoldering soot and ash...and there the bay was feet away. Miles and miles of water - yet this fire burned out of control consuming homes, cars and boats.

What a life changing event for the homeowners...and the fire fighters. More than one was injured including the fire chief.  Daily, I am reminded of how quickly life can change. I see it all around me, from the stories I cover, to my children growing up.

Noah, is in kindergarten and has started to use phrases like "cool dude."  The other night, Brent and Noah were playing a football game and Brent scored a touchdown.  Noah replies, "Cool dude." It made me chuckle, he is growing up so fast- changing over night.

Kipper has grown up so much this summer it feels like. He's gotten taller, skinnier and fiesty.

Having children has changed me. I see the world through their eyes...every time I cover a story - I see them, I think of them.

While some things change, thankfully others stay the same.

My Dad is a two time stroke survivor. While it changed him, and we lost a lot of the "old Dewey"...lots of things stayed the same. Such as, his use of four letter words (sorry Mom) and his love of candy.

Growing up my Dad would bring home candy almost every night. Bags of candy bars for my brothers and I. Sometimes he would bring home ice cream...the huge tubs of chocolate ice cream. I blame him for my huge sweet tooth.

Well, decades later the trend continues. My Dad keeps a bowl of candy at the house...actually my Mom keeps it and Dad eats it by the handful. You can stop by and there are wrappers and wrappers - I would guess 10 or so of snickers, twix, reeses peanut name it beside his chair.

Noah and Kipper love to go to GiGi and Paw Paw's and get candy. Their favorite, M&M's.

Well, Kipper ran to get some and to his displeasure...ALL of the M&M's were gone.

Knowing Paw Paw loves candy...Kipper ran into the den and confronted him.

Holding a plastic Halloween mask he goes right to his chair and says..."Why did you eat all of the M&M's?"

My Dad says, "Do what?"

Kipper not satisfied with the answer proceeds to hit my Dad with the Halloween mask over and over.

Meantime saying, "Why did you eat all of the M&M's?" I know I shouldn't laugh as I write this, but it was funny. Dad laughed too.

Now, I'm not condoning the behavior, but I understand the need for you can taste it and when you go to get some - it is all gone.

Of course the beating didn't hurt Dad and after all he is partly to blame...he created this Candy Crazy Child.

In case you’re wondering, Noah ate all of the M&M's. He beat Kipper to the stash.

So, while I embrace change...I am grateful for the things that never do.

Monday, October 4, 2010

April's No Fool: Run Kipper Run...

April's No Fool: Run Kipper Run...: "What a beautiful weekend. I took the boys to Dauphin Island on Saturday for a few hours. Mom rode with us. It was beautiful at the beach. ..."

Run Kipper Run...

What a beautiful weekend. I took the boys to Dauphin Island on Saturday for a few hours. Mom rode with us.

It was beautiful at the beach. We enjoyed playing in the sun, sand and surf.  Watching Noah kick the soccer ball up and down the shoreline and Kipper play in the water was just what I needed.

I mean, there were a few times when Noah refused to listen, and Kipper said something sassy...but overall it was a great trip.

On the ride home I knew my island oasis was quickly fading in the rearview mirror.

The fussing started...and here I thought we were past this after our talk in the Wal-mart parking lot.

In the midst of the fussing, my Mom pats my arm and says, "No, April don't run away, they will be nice to you."

That seems to do the trick, they stop. So, we continue on our merry way and leave Dauphin Island.

Crossing over the Dauphin Island Bridge not a word...I think, "Hey...this ride home might not be so bad."

Then just as I reach to turn on the radio I hear...

"Hey April, run away."

Um, the only person in the car that calls me April, is my mother and I know she didn't say that.

So, I look in the rearview mirror...Kipper sits behind my seat. Sure enough, I see his little buck teeth and grin on his face.

Then he continues..."Unbuckle my seat so I can run away."

"Alright, wait until I can pull over and I will put you out."

So, we drive for a few more miles...Kipper calling from the back seat for me to let him out so he can run away.

Noah is trying to persuade  Kipper to change his mind. He tells him, "You can't take your blue blanket."

It still doesn't deter Kipper...he has mind set he is running away.

So, I pull into the Greer's Parking lot near Fowl River.

Noah says, "No brother don't run away."

I open my car door. Kipper is grinning in the back seat. I unbuckle his car seat, pick him up and put him out.

He looks at me and then he runs...laughing the whole time.

I worry people will think, "Hey isn't that the news lady and her heathen child," or that he will get hit by a car.

So, I tell him to come back and he does.

Kipper tells Noah he wasn't going to runaway...he was just going to run home.

Speaking of home, Noah and Brent camped out for the first time in the backyard.

Noah loved it and Brent did too.

Guess we should keep the tent up year round, in case Kipper needs a place to run to.

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Ultimate Hiding Place

Tonight, after I got off  work I had to drop off Noah at soccer practice and drop off a prescription for Brent.

Kipper rode with me to the pharmacy.

We are waiting  in line to hand over the prescription. Kipper is sitting in the buggy and hits me in the stomach.

Let me back up. There are two people behind us in line and one  in front.

After hitting me in the stomach, Kipper asks, "Is there a baby in your belly?"

I answer, "!"

To my horror, it doesn't stop there.

Kipper continues, "Well, your belly is fat like you have a baby in there." my defense, I carry all of my weight in my stomach. My mother does, my grandmother does, and I do.

Not knowing what else to say I thank him.

Kipper proceeds to ask if he can get back in my belly.

I tell him no, "Sorry dude, once you are out you are out."

He replies, "But I want to hide from Daddy and Noah."

"Too bad," I say. "There is no getting back in."

A man behind us joins the conversation..."That is classic."

"Yeah, it's great," I think.

But it did get me thinking. We could all use an ultimate hiding place.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fussing Frenzy

I think it is important that my kids appreciate all they have in life. Day in and day out I reminded of how blessed I really am.

So, when my boys fuss, complain or get upset that I didn't buy them something on our trip to Wal-Mart, it drives me crazy.

Just this week, we were leaving Wal-Mart after having spent nearly one hundred dollars.

Kipper fussed because he didn't get a shirt, he didn't get a toy, he didn't get a drink, or any candy.

Noah complained he didn't get a toy, he didn't get a drink, and he didn't get a shirt... (He did get candy - but he forgot about it and I ate it for lunch.)

Back to the issue at hand, the whole point our trip was to pick up Noah's new glasses.

So, as they are going on and on about not getting anything...I tell them I have had enough.

"You have got to be more thankful for the things you do have," I say this looking back at them buckled up in their car seats.

"Noah, I just bought you some new glasses and Kipper you get things all the time. I don't want to hear anymore fussing!" I turn back around in my seat and start the car.

From the back seat Noah says, "Thank you Mom for buying my glasses."

"You're welcome Noah."

Okay, so maybe they've heard me this time, and the fussing will stop.

Kipper says from the backseat, "Thank you for not buying me a truck."

"You're welcome buddy, no problem."

It's a start.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

April's No Fool: Brotherly Love

April's No Fool: Brotherly Love: "I love being the mother of two boys. People often ask me, 'Don't you want a girl?' No...I mean maybe later in life I will wish for the rela..."

Brotherly Love

I love being the mother of two boys. People often ask me, "Don't you want a girl?" No...I mean maybe later in life I will wish for the relationship only a mother and daughter can have...but honestly, I love having boys.
I have two brothers, who I love dearly...and would do anything for. There is just something special about having a brother.

Seeing Noah and Kipper together makes my heart smile.  Especially, when they celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Noah started kindergarten this year and a big deal at our house is "getting on green." Which means you didn't get in trouble at school for talking when you weren't suppose to, not following directions, getting out of get the point.

Well, there have been a few times (9 so far) where Noah hasn't gotten on green.

When I pick Noah up, the first thing he'll say is what color he got, yellow or red.

One day, my Mom picked Noah up for me. When I got home, he came running out of her house yelling..."I got on green!" His little fist raised in the air and a huge smile on his face.

Kipper heard the good news and ran to his brother eager to share his own good news..."I didn't poop in my pants!"

They smiled at each other, happy with their accomplishments and proud of one another.

I too was proud, for a number of reasons. First, Noah got on green, second Kipper didn't poop in his pants and perhaps the biggest reason of all...I saw the love they feel for each other.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thank God for Surprises

I have two dear friends expecting their first child next year. While talking with them about their pregnancies I am reminded of carrying my own children. The excitement, the joy, or the time I tried to strangle Brent. (That's another story)
I remember finding out I was pregnant in the summer of 2004...later that year I would learn my first child would be a boy. Brent and I decided to name him Noah Thomas. I also remember finding out he had a clubbed foot.

My heart broke for this little boy, for the obstacles he would face, the pain he might have to go through. I also felt guilty, thinking somehow I had caused this.

Thankfully, God answered our prayers and Noah's clubbed foot was very mild. He wore a cast for the first six weeks of his life. Today, he is a soccer stud. We still have that little cast.

Finding out I was pregnant with Kipper was a lot different. It was the summer of 2006. I was at work in the dressing room and noticed I was putting on weight. I thought, "Oh No! This can't be..."

You see, we were trying for Noah. Kipper was our surprise and continues to surprise us and make us laugh. God knew what we needed and when we needed it.

So, as my friends prepare for the birth of their children ( they both want boys :) ) I pray God will give them healthy babies...who never stop making their parent's smile.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Heaven and Chuck-E-Cheese

First things first. I am new to the blogging thing although I love to write and have kept a journal since the fifth grade.

I decided to blog because I have so many stories to share about my children. I know, your thinking...just another parent rambling on and on about their children. Here's the kids are FUNNY! Seriously, they are. Just keeping reading.

My son Noah is five years old, and very literal. Nothing gets past him. He's intelligent, very athletic and full of enegry!

My son Kipper is three years old, and spunky. He is full of imagination, loves to watch movies and play baseball.

So, every night we say our prayers. Last night, my kids bombarded me with questions about heaven and what happens when you die.

I mean, they are 5 and 3, what kids thinks about these things...mine do.
So, as I am trying to explain to them heaven is beautiful, the streets are paved with gold, "yes, Noah we will all be there." My kids have more questions.

And this is where the true difference in their personality comes in. Parents will tell you, every child is different...and they are.

Example...Noah wants to know if we will have time to pack before we go to heaven, "I will pack really fast."

My answer, Noah - God will have everything you need.

Kipper's only concern..."Will Chuck-e-cheese be there?"

Well, Kipper I'm not sure...