Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear God

There is nothing I love more than hearing my boys say their prayers at night.

I have even recorded it on my cell phone so I can listen to their sweet voices when my day goes sour.

Noah is my more inquisitive child, he says his prayers, then ask me all kinds of questions.

Sometimes he can throw some real fast balls at me. I try my best to answer them; all the while wondering...what types of questions will he fire off at me when he's older.  I mean he is only five.

Usually with Kipper, his prayers are short and sweet, no hardball inquires.

Last night, Kipper is in our bed and we are going to say our prayers.

My first cue this wasn't going to be a normal prayer came when he asked, "Can I say what I want?"

My reply, "Of course Kipper."

The whole while I'm thinking...this is going to be good.

Here goes his prayer...

"Please God help Noah to get on green and follow directions. Please help Mom to be safe, and to let me do what I want to do. Please be with Dad, and help him not to spank me."

So, Brent obviously a little hurt by the prayer says..."Buddy, you know why I spank you right?"

Kipper, lying on his back with his legs crossed at the ankle, takes his thumb out of his mouth and says, "Yes, when I be bad."

Maybe tonight Kipper should ask God, "Please help Dad to let me do what I want." 

Oh, for the record...Brent hardly ever spanks Kipper, and Noah has had two straight days on green.

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