Monday, December 12, 2011

Eye Love Mom

( Note to reader: Eye found this unpublished blog and thought eye would share.)

I hope to think I am like most Moms, rushing out of the house in the mornings grabbing my kid’s things as I go…mind you I fix my hair and makeup at work, so there really is no reason I should be in a tizzy.

But, as usual it was the case this morning.

I feel like I need to give you a bit of background information, to better understand this story…and why I felt so bad.

Noah, my oldest, wears glasses. He broke them about two weeks ago, and don’t judge me…but we finally got them fixed. And by “we”, I mean Brent.

Anyhow, we are rushing out of the door heading for school and I grabbed the glasses, handed them to Noah and told him to put them on.

Noah does and as we walk outside he gets to the end of my car and stops. He stares at the neighbor’s house, like he is seeing it for the VERY first time. I stand there and stare at him, feeling HORRIBLE that he has had to go for so long without his glasses.

I continue to buckle Kipper into his car seat and tell Noah to climb in. Still buckling Kipper’s seat, Noah asks me, “Do these make my eyes look big?”

I look up from Kipper’s seat and say, “no.”  But something is different…I stare at the glasses pushed up on his face and think…kind of. That’s when it hits me.

“Noah, you are wearing Poppy’s glasses,” I said. “Can you see out of those things?”

Noah looks at me; his eyes the size of quarters and says, “I guess.”

"Well, why didn't you say something."

So, already late, I run back inside grab the right glasses and chuckle to myself.

Eye really do hate mornings.