Monday, September 27, 2010

Heaven and Chuck-E-Cheese

First things first. I am new to the blogging thing although I love to write and have kept a journal since the fifth grade.

I decided to blog because I have so many stories to share about my children. I know, your thinking...just another parent rambling on and on about their children. Here's the kids are FUNNY! Seriously, they are. Just keeping reading.

My son Noah is five years old, and very literal. Nothing gets past him. He's intelligent, very athletic and full of enegry!

My son Kipper is three years old, and spunky. He is full of imagination, loves to watch movies and play baseball.

So, every night we say our prayers. Last night, my kids bombarded me with questions about heaven and what happens when you die.

I mean, they are 5 and 3, what kids thinks about these things...mine do.
So, as I am trying to explain to them heaven is beautiful, the streets are paved with gold, "yes, Noah we will all be there." My kids have more questions.

And this is where the true difference in their personality comes in. Parents will tell you, every child is different...and they are.

Example...Noah wants to know if we will have time to pack before we go to heaven, "I will pack really fast."

My answer, Noah - God will have everything you need.

Kipper's only concern..."Will Chuck-e-cheese be there?"

Well, Kipper I'm not sure...

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