Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I get it from my Mama...

No doubt you've heard it before, perhaps out of your own mouth. You know, you say something to your kids, such as "Because I said so..." or, "If you don't stop that I will turn this car around." As soon as the words fly out of your mouth you think, "My gosh, I have turned into my mother."

I see it everyday I look at myself on TV, I look just like my Mom. Which isn't a bad thing.

Eventually, we all turn into our parents...and well, our parents turn into their parents. Case in, Mom and Kipper were having lunch one Saturday.

There was also a group of Army soldiers dining at the same establishment. Mom tells Kipper to say "Hooah," to them, it's an Army chant.

So, four or five of the soldiers walk by our table and Kipper yells, "Boo!"

Mom and I laugh, but the soldiers didn't hear him, or maybe it was because they're not used to having a three year old yell, "Boo."

So, Mom gets up from the table - and minutes later a female Sgt. with the Army walks up to our table and asks Kipper, "Do you have an uncle in the Army?"

I'm thinking to, Kipper's reputation proceeds him...or Jared's. (That's my brother)

Kipper tells the Sgt. "Yes."

The Sgt. tells me, "Your Mom saw us in the bathroom and told us about him."

That is so something my grandmother would do! Strike up a conversation with a complete stranger...shoot, I'm guilty of it myself, and every time I just laugh.

When Mom gets back to the table, I call her "Edell." That's my grandmother's name.

Something I got from my grandmother, my love for books. She loves to read and so do I. My dream in life is to write a book. The other night I was reading in bed, and Noah asks, "Can I write a book?"

My answer, "Of course you can." The whole while thinking, he'll probably write a book before I do.

So just maybe that is something Noah will get from me, he'll grow up to be a paperback writer.

Speaking of  a paperback writer...Noah loves the Beetles, his favorite is "Back in the USSR." Guess, he gets his love of music from Brent.

Kipper, not sure what he gets from us. He looks like Brent and sleeps with a blanket like me.

Oh, he never did get saying, "hooah", to the soldiers. When they left the restaurant he once again yelled, "Boo!"

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