Monday, October 4, 2010

Run Kipper Run...

What a beautiful weekend. I took the boys to Dauphin Island on Saturday for a few hours. Mom rode with us.

It was beautiful at the beach. We enjoyed playing in the sun, sand and surf.  Watching Noah kick the soccer ball up and down the shoreline and Kipper play in the water was just what I needed.

I mean, there were a few times when Noah refused to listen, and Kipper said something sassy...but overall it was a great trip.

On the ride home I knew my island oasis was quickly fading in the rearview mirror.

The fussing started...and here I thought we were past this after our talk in the Wal-mart parking lot.

In the midst of the fussing, my Mom pats my arm and says, "No, April don't run away, they will be nice to you."

That seems to do the trick, they stop. So, we continue on our merry way and leave Dauphin Island.

Crossing over the Dauphin Island Bridge not a word...I think, "Hey...this ride home might not be so bad."

Then just as I reach to turn on the radio I hear...

"Hey April, run away."

Um, the only person in the car that calls me April, is my mother and I know she didn't say that.

So, I look in the rearview mirror...Kipper sits behind my seat. Sure enough, I see his little buck teeth and grin on his face.

Then he continues..."Unbuckle my seat so I can run away."

"Alright, wait until I can pull over and I will put you out."

So, we drive for a few more miles...Kipper calling from the back seat for me to let him out so he can run away.

Noah is trying to persuade  Kipper to change his mind. He tells him, "You can't take your blue blanket."

It still doesn't deter Kipper...he has mind set he is running away.

So, I pull into the Greer's Parking lot near Fowl River.

Noah says, "No brother don't run away."

I open my car door. Kipper is grinning in the back seat. I unbuckle his car seat, pick him up and put him out.

He looks at me and then he runs...laughing the whole time.

I worry people will think, "Hey isn't that the news lady and her heathen child," or that he will get hit by a car.

So, I tell him to come back and he does.

Kipper tells Noah he wasn't going to runaway...he was just going to run home.

Speaking of home, Noah and Brent camped out for the first time in the backyard.

Noah loved it and Brent did too.

Guess we should keep the tent up year round, in case Kipper needs a place to run to.

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