Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some things never change...

Tuesday morning I was sent to cover a massive fire on Dauphin Island. When I got there it struck me as ironic that four, million dollar homes burned to the ground...nothing left but smoldering soot and ash...and there the bay was feet away. Miles and miles of water - yet this fire burned out of control consuming homes, cars and boats.

What a life changing event for the homeowners...and the fire fighters. More than one was injured including the fire chief.  Daily, I am reminded of how quickly life can change. I see it all around me, from the stories I cover, to my children growing up.

Noah, is in kindergarten and has started to use phrases like "cool dude."  The other night, Brent and Noah were playing a football game and Brent scored a touchdown.  Noah replies, "Cool dude." It made me chuckle, he is growing up so fast- changing over night.

Kipper has grown up so much this summer it feels like. He's gotten taller, skinnier and fiesty.

Having children has changed me. I see the world through their eyes...every time I cover a story - I see them, I think of them.

While some things change, thankfully others stay the same.

My Dad is a two time stroke survivor. While it changed him, and we lost a lot of the "old Dewey"...lots of things stayed the same. Such as, his use of four letter words (sorry Mom) and his love of candy.

Growing up my Dad would bring home candy almost every night. Bags of candy bars for my brothers and I. Sometimes he would bring home ice cream...the huge tubs of chocolate ice cream. I blame him for my huge sweet tooth.

Well, decades later the trend continues. My Dad keeps a bowl of candy at the house...actually my Mom keeps it and Dad eats it by the handful. You can stop by and there are wrappers and wrappers - I would guess 10 or so of snickers, twix, reeses peanut name it beside his chair.

Noah and Kipper love to go to GiGi and Paw Paw's and get candy. Their favorite, M&M's.

Well, Kipper ran to get some and to his displeasure...ALL of the M&M's were gone.

Knowing Paw Paw loves candy...Kipper ran into the den and confronted him.

Holding a plastic Halloween mask he goes right to his chair and says..."Why did you eat all of the M&M's?"

My Dad says, "Do what?"

Kipper not satisfied with the answer proceeds to hit my Dad with the Halloween mask over and over.

Meantime saying, "Why did you eat all of the M&M's?" I know I shouldn't laugh as I write this, but it was funny. Dad laughed too.

Now, I'm not condoning the behavior, but I understand the need for you can taste it and when you go to get some - it is all gone.

Of course the beating didn't hurt Dad and after all he is partly to blame...he created this Candy Crazy Child.

In case you’re wondering, Noah ate all of the M&M's. He beat Kipper to the stash.

So, while I embrace change...I am grateful for the things that never do.

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