Monday, October 11, 2010

Family Fun

Not sure where to start on this one. I had a great weekend. Kipper only called me "fat" once and Noah was a pretty good listener.

Noah had a soccer game Saturday. He played like a champ. I'm telling you, he has got natural talent! He dribbled the ball right through four players...players who are in the 2nd and 3rd grade...Noah is in kindergarten.

Not sure how Brent makes it through a game, pacing the sideline, spitting sunflower seeds, and screaming for Noah. Secretly, Brent and I are hoping Noah is our ticket to the good life.

Kipper, watched the game wearing his usual "Urban Cowboy meets the Bad News Bears" outfit. That means baseball pants, baseball shirt and cowboy boots.

Sunday, Brent's Mom treated me and the boys to "Sesame Street Live." Noah and Kipper were very excited to see Elmo. We also found Kipper's Halloween costume, Oscar the Grouch.
Appropriate, don'tcha think?

Noah was a little worried we were going to sit in the nose bleed section...he's got a fear of heights.
Even though Kipper enjoyed the show, after every song he asked, "Is it over?"

The theme of the show was "Imagination"…and I couldn’t imagine being any other place on a Sunday afternoon than with my family.

MiMi (Brent's Mom) bought the boys a souvenir Bert and Ernie. Noah chose Bert and Kipper chose Ernie.
Kipper said, "They're best buds like me and Noah."

We also watched the movie, "Haunted Mansion," to show Noah the ride at Disney World isn't so bad. We're hoping to make another trip next year.

Last year, we stood in line and got all the way to the front of the ride, when Noah decided “it’s too scary.”
So, what I learned from soccer, family.  

It's a time to cheer on your all-star, and celebrate the fact that your baby boy is excited about wearing a trash can.

Sesame Street
and a Haunted Mansion - weekends are made for

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