Monday, April 29, 2013

Chewing the fat with Romeo

My baby turned six earlier this month, and my first baby will celebrate his 8th birthday in a few weeks.
I am having hot flashes already thinking of their girl crazed days ahead – who am I kidding those days are here now.
On a recent trip to Disney World, for a Soccer tournament, our resort was inundated with College cheerleaders and dance teams from across the nation! Kipper won a dance off and Noah chased down girls twice his age to tell them, “call me.”

Let me just say, I had a glimpse of what the future holds for my two Romeos come the year 2020. Noah will be able to drive and no doubt Kipper will be riding shotgun. I can already hear a Justin Beiberish musician blasting from the speakers, while my boys check out “hot girls.”
Being the mother of two boys comes with a big responsibility…making sure my “lover boys” grow up to be gentlemen.
I try and teach them, girls like smart boys, who do well in school and mind their manners.
Which in turn garners the question…”Is that why you married Dad?”
“Um…yeah, that’s exactly why.”

I also tell them looks aren’t important and one day they will fade – and your son or daughter will describe your then hot wife as “fat and old.”
True story.
Just last week, someone told Kipper they met a woman who knows him.
“Who?” Kipper asked.
“Well, she looked a lot like your Mom,” the person answered.
“Oh, so she was fat?” Kipper replied.
Realizing he had made a huge infraction describing me as fat, he quickly corrected himself and said…"I meant old, not fat.”
Actually, I do prefer old to fat – so thank you, Kipper D.
UPDATE: Noah is now 8, still girl crazy and so is Kipper.
I took the boys to rent 'Wreck it Ralph' the movie. Noah thanked me for taking them and Kipper as he is getting out of the car thanked me in his own special way.
He said, "You look skinny Mom!"
Awe, son...thank you! And to your future wife, "You're welcome."