Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Brotherly Love

I love being the mother of two boys. People often ask me, "Don't you want a girl?" No...I mean maybe later in life I will wish for the relationship only a mother and daughter can have...but honestly, I love having boys.
I have two brothers, who I love dearly...and would do anything for. There is just something special about having a brother.

Seeing Noah and Kipper together makes my heart smile.  Especially, when they celebrate each other's accomplishments.

Noah started kindergarten this year and a big deal at our house is "getting on green." Which means you didn't get in trouble at school for talking when you weren't suppose to, not following directions, getting out of get the point.

Well, there have been a few times (9 so far) where Noah hasn't gotten on green.

When I pick Noah up, the first thing he'll say is what color he got, yellow or red.

One day, my Mom picked Noah up for me. When I got home, he came running out of her house yelling..."I got on green!" His little fist raised in the air and a huge smile on his face.

Kipper heard the good news and ran to his brother eager to share his own good news..."I didn't poop in my pants!"

They smiled at each other, happy with their accomplishments and proud of one another.

I too was proud, for a number of reasons. First, Noah got on green, second Kipper didn't poop in his pants and perhaps the biggest reason of all...I saw the love they feel for each other.

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