Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Parental Guidance

Right now, we are on vacation visiting our dear friends the Dobson family. Long before the "family", there were two pre-teen boys, who met on the school bus heading to Hillsdale Middle.

I can imagine Brent and Sean both wearing Jams and talking about the latest "Family Ties" episode. 

There on the cheese wagon a friendship was born. A friendship that would span decades and a trek across Europe...not to mention convincing Mrs. Dobson to buy them the "Luke Skywalker" cassette tape - this of course long before the days the words parental guidance were stamped to the side.

Call me crazy, but the idea of driving 900 plus miles with a four and six year old to visit Sean and Allison, as well as their two boys, Jacob and Liam, was exciting.

So, after more than 24 hours of driving and a tour of interstate gas stations, we finally arrived in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Of course, the trip up was not without its comical moments.

After a brief stop at a North Carolina Walmart, when Brent said the boys could not have any crayons...Noah shouted at me, "Why did you even marry him."

Kipper asked a million times, "Are we there, yet?" He even got mad at Sean and Allison for moving to Virginia saying, "Why do they have to live so far?"

All of that frustration faded once we pulled into the driveway and say Jacob sitting in his room waiting for us at the window.

From the start, Noah and Liam hit it off...two peas in a pod. Kipper was immediately drawn to the boys Lego set...and has hidden a few in the bedroom drawer because he took the head off. (We will replace them.)

All that said, the drive up was worth it...especially for Brent.

To share his life with one of his oldest friends, to once again reminisce about the "good ole days." Trips to TCBY or a legendary soccer match.

I like to think; Brent and Sean were and still are much like Noah and Liam. The two are instant friends. Noah wants to do everything Liam does...and I do mean everything.

Case in point...our first day here we walked to the Chesapeake Bay.

After kayaking and playing in the sand, Liam decides to lie out on the beach.

Noah grabs his towel to do the same.

We wonder if they are tired...but Liam says..."We are tanning."

Noah says, "Yeah, we're tanning." He says it with such authority and lays his head on the towel.

Then Noah turns to Liam and whispers..."what's tanning?"

Both enjoy video games and are fond of "hot girls."

So, as our vacation draws to a close...I am thankful for the memories we have made, for Sean and Allison opening their home up to us and the words "parental guidance."

Because if Noah and Liam are anything like Brent and and Allison will need all the help we can get.