Friday, October 1, 2010

The Ultimate Hiding Place

Tonight, after I got off  work I had to drop off Noah at soccer practice and drop off a prescription for Brent.

Kipper rode with me to the pharmacy.

We are waiting  in line to hand over the prescription. Kipper is sitting in the buggy and hits me in the stomach.

Let me back up. There are two people behind us in line and one  in front.

After hitting me in the stomach, Kipper asks, "Is there a baby in your belly?"

I answer, "!"

To my horror, it doesn't stop there.

Kipper continues, "Well, your belly is fat like you have a baby in there." my defense, I carry all of my weight in my stomach. My mother does, my grandmother does, and I do.

Not knowing what else to say I thank him.

Kipper proceeds to ask if he can get back in my belly.

I tell him no, "Sorry dude, once you are out you are out."

He replies, "But I want to hide from Daddy and Noah."

"Too bad," I say. "There is no getting back in."

A man behind us joins the conversation..."That is classic."

"Yeah, it's great," I think.

But it did get me thinking. We could all use an ultimate hiding place.

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