Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where does the time go?


The summer is winding down, and tomorrow my oldest child, Noah, starts the 1st grade. I can hardly believe he is old enough to be a 1st grader. It feels like yesterday that I walked him into his Kindergarten class, and over stayed my welcome when he finally told me to go.

Kipper D. is three days into 4K and already he’s learning things. Such as, his teacher’s favorite candy bar is a Butterfinger and that Laura Lynn wants to marry him. (Good to know, Kipper.)

I wish he could tell me, where does the time go?

Thank goodness, I have two comical little boys who teach me to enjoy each moment.

Moments such as when Kipper tells me to put his lunch box behind my “big back” so no one will see it. (Of course, I heard “you have a fat back.”)

Moments when Noah asks if the four dollars he’s saved in pennies in a clay pot is enough to buy a bike. (Not even close, son.)

Of course, watching my boys grow up is something all parents go through…and all parents ask themselves where did the time go?

Just today, I asked my own mother if it felt weird to say she has a 34 year old daughter.

A daughter who prays daily she isn’t messing up, too much, at motherhood.

Why think such a thing? Well, here’s one reason…

This summer, Kipper told me and Brent he wanted a new family. Mind you, he’d just gotten into trouble for something.

Well, Brent’s cousin, Justin, came to visit us from Ohio.

Justin brought his friend, Matt, along.

As Justin and Matt are bringing in their bags to spend the night, Kipper asks if we are going somewhere.

Not missing a beat, Brent and I say, “Kipper, you wanted a new family…so here they are!”

Kipper, not missing a beat, looks at the two boys, scrunches up his face and asks, “Which one is the Mama?”

So, as I send my boys off to school, to start new chapters in all of our lives…I will cherish the moments they’ve made me laugh, made me question my parental abilities, made me proud and made me ask, “Where did the time go?” 

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