Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Call on God

 I try to teach my kids the importance of relying on our Heavenly Father to help us through life’s turbulence.

I tell them, no matter what trust in God with all your heart to bring you through whatever it is you are struggling with. Ask and you shall receive.

In my own life, I constantly pray to our Father that he guide my steps, my decisions and eases my troubles.

God does work things out, it might not be when you think it should happen, but he always comes through.

As a Mom of two very energetic little boys, it is hard to know if they are listening.

I got my proof Monday night in a public restroom.

Okay, I must lay a little ground work here.

Kipper has a problem when it comes to going to the bathroom, number two. (I know, he will kill me when he’s older for sharing this tid bit of information.)

Anyway, Monday night my family went out to eat to celebrate my nephew’s 13th birthday.

Kipper and I got to the restaurant early and I suggested he use the bathroom.

He repeatedly denied having to go, until he sees the video games and I told him, “You can’t play any until you go to the bathroom.”

Kipper replied, “You’re right I do have to go.”

So we enter the bathroom, go into the first empty stall and he sits down.

He’s sitting on the potty and proceeds to try and use the bathroom when suddenly he yells and I am not over exaggerating.

He screams, “JESUS!” (it is long and drawn out like, “GEEEEEESUSSSSS!)

Mind you there ARE other people in the restroom.

“Jesus!” he continues, still trying to use the bathroom and still yelling. “Pray Mama, pray God helps me go to the bathroom!”

Silently, I pray that he will be able to use the bathroom, and pray no one can hear us!

Apparently, my silent prayer isn’t good enough.


So, there in that bathroom stall, crouched down next to my little boy I pray.

I prayed God would help Kipper use the bathroom, and thanked him for showing me my kids are listening.

By the way, God did help Kipper go potty, although it wasn’t at the restaurant; it was later that night at home.

"Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you." Mathew 7:7

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